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The process to move your email services to icExchange can be described as four distinct steps:

  • Server Migration
  • Domain Name Propagation
  • Device Configuration
  • Data Migration

Innovative Concepts staff will perform steps #1 and #2 with zero impact to your business. More importantly, step #1 will be completed before we tell the world to begin sending your email to the icExchange servers. This way no email will get lost during the transition.

Generally, step #2 will be initiated near the close of business on the day of our mutual agreement. This allows the world enough time to see the change before we “turn off” your previous email solution.

Step #3 will allow all your devices to see any of the new emails that came in during the first night. We feel that it is important that you address any new email as soon as possible.

Step #4 is the process of uploading all your old emails, contacts, calendar, and so on into icExchange. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the amount of data that needs to be synchronized, this process can vary greatly in the time it takes to complete.

First Step

Fill out the Migration Questionnaire